Hotels in Granada

Granada is one of the most striking cities in Spain. The snow capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada sit in the background of winding medieval streets and sun bleached villas. The breathtaking Alhambra perches over the city, as an imposing reminder of the city’s Moorish history. Below, lively bars offer passionate flamenco performances and delicious free tapas, while stallholders sell trendy art prints and curios.

Many people are drawn to Granada for its colourful history. Others flock to the city simply to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere which has made it one of Spain’s hippest cities. There’s always something going on in Granada, so you’ll never find yourself short of things to do.

Like all big cities, Granada can be split into neighbourhoods: each one with its unique attractions. If you’re booking a hotel in Granada, you might end up staying in one of these areas.

El Centro

Hotels in El Centro are right in the middle of the action. El Centro is the beating heart of Granada, and is both the historic and commercial centre of the city. There are plenty of narrow cobblestoned streets to get lost in, plazas to relax in, and buildings to admire: not to mention restaurants and bars. Foodies should make a beeline to Plaza Bib-Rambla, the city’s gastronomic centre famous for its excellent terrace restaurants.


Also spelled Albayzin, Granada’s Arab quarter makes up part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. White buildings dating back as far as the 11th Century twist and turn up the hillside, providing plenty of spots to stop and admire the view of the city: and of the Alhambra on the opposite hill. Understandably, Albaicin has its fair share of historic sites: as well as the city’s archaeology museum. The streets are full of quirky shops, great bars, and North-African inspired restaurants.


Grenada’s Gitano neighbourhood is the best place in town to catch a flamenco show. It’s one of the prettiest neighbourhoods in the city, with cave-houses built into the soft stone of the mountainside. Pay a visit to the 17th Century abbey which the neighbourhood is named for, or just wander around and enjoy the atmosphere and relax to the ever-present sound of guitar music.


The Campo de Principe is the heart of Granada’s ancient Jewish Quarter. The square was built in time for a royal wedding back in the 15th Century, but now it’s a popular meeting spot complete with terraced tapas bars where you can relax and take a drink. The neighbourhood is filled with beautiful gardens, mansions, and buildings: some of which have been decorated by local artist El Niño de las Pinturas. 


Images by Flickr/teoruiz