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The volcanic island of Fuerteventura boasts three thousand hours of sunshine a year, and 150 long sandy beaches to enjoy them on -- a number well-worth the cost of a flight to Fuerteventura. The island’s name means “strong winds” so it’s no surprise that sports such as kite-surfing are a popular pastime on the island. Fuerteventura is the closest of the Canary Islands to Africa, with just 100km separating it from Morocco. 

Fuerteventura is renowned for its scenery. It has been a UNESCO biosphere reserve since 2009, and was chosen by the QualityCoast International Certification of the European Coastal and Marine Union as one of the top 500 most attractive tourist destinations.

There’s a great selection of cheap and high end hotels on Fuerteventura, so if you’re planning an island getaway all you need to decide is which resort to visit.


Corralejo is a favourite destination for tourists: probably because of its reputation for having the island’s best beaches. As well as sandy beaches the town also boasts rocky beaches which are a much better sunbathing option on windy days. Try your hand at windsurfing, wander into town and pick up some souvenirs at the market, or take a trip out to the remote Lobos Island which has been unpopulated since 1982.  Fuerteventura’s famous Sand Dune National Park borders Corralejo, and is a great place to explore on the back of a dune buggy.


There’s a good selection of beaches in the Southern area of Pajara, with calm white sand beaches on the East coast and great surfing beaches with black volcanic sand on the West. It’s a good option for families and couples who are looking for a quiet break, as the nightlife is fairly low key. There’s a good collection of large resort hotels, and most have swimming pools for days when the beach is a little too windy.

Costa Antigua

With mountains in the West and beaches in the East there’s a good variety of things to do in Costa Antigua. There are lots of good hotels along the beach front, as well as a great collection of bars and restaurants along the main street. Night life is fairly laid back, and you’re more likely to find karaoke and live music than jumping nightclubs. During the day you can take a cycle into the hills, shop at the famous market, or simply relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Puerto del Rosario

Whether you’re coming into Fuerteventura by flight or by ferry you’ll land near Puerto del Rosario, the island’s capital. Most people tend to head to the resorts, but if you want a more authentic experience you should look for hotels in the city. The area around the harbour is very traditional, with small winding alleys and old style houses. There are museums, cultural events, and a good selection of high street shops.


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Parque Natural de Corralejo


Isla de los Lobos

Fuerteventurais famed for its long, deserted beaches of white sand flanked by turquoise-coloured ocean waters. Its awesome coastline stretches more than 120 miles and is made up of contrasting landscapes, including 150 different beaches. Hotels in Fuerteventura are excellent and as the least densely populated of the Canary Islands it ...

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