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Clogs, canals and colourful tulips might be what first spring to mind when thinking of Amsterdam but the cool capital of the Netherlands has a lot more to offer than stereotypes. Anne Frank’s House, the incredible Rijksmuseum and lively Albert Cuyp outdoor market are just a few.

Known as the Venice of the North, this beautiful urban paradise has over 1,500 bridges that arch over the glistening canals criss-crossing the city. Thousands of beautiful historic buildings and medieval wooden houses pepper this charming European capital. The Canal Ring area is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the place to find the best night spots, while the area of Jordaan is filled with stylish boutiques and hip art galleries. Relax in the lush green of Vondelpark in the South of the city and wander the medieval centre where you’ll stumble upon the famous coffee shops and eye-opening Red Light District.

Amsterdam hotels run into the hundreds. Budget options can be found, alongside some of the most expense hotels on the continent. For budget hostels head for the historic centre, many are close to the central train station and in the southern Museum Quarter. For boutique accommodation the Canal Ring comes up trumps and is great if you want to be near the nightlife. Jordaan offers some exclusive options but with higher prices. The cheapest rooms can be found in the hostels of the Red Light District. The NH Doelene Hotel is Amsterdam’s oldest and rests on the banks of the calming Amstel River in the old centre.

Make like a local and hire a bicycle for the best way to tour Amsterdam. Alternatively, boats and gondolas offer a slower pace of life. However you choose to travel, Amsterdam won’t fail to captivate.

Did you know...?

A cultured lot the locals must be given that there are more museums per square meter in Amsterdam than anywhere else in the world. Quirky themes range from bottles, torture, cats, erotica and spectacles.

With cycling being the most popular mode of transport in Amsterdam, it’s no surprise that there are over 1 million bicycles in the capital. What is surprising is that there are only around 700,000 people!

Don’t let it put you off visiting, but Amsterdam is entirely constructed on giant wooden stakes driven deep into the ground. Central Station alone has 6000 holding it up!

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