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The capital of Provence is far removed from its flashy southern rivals in location and image. Book a flight to Marseille and enjoy one of the most exhilarating cities in France.

The terracotta roofed beauty of Marseille lies in its rough and tumble appearance. It’s a real French city, with no heirs or graces. It’s gritty and down to earth, yet warm, welcoming and quintessentially French!

If you can get up early enough, you will be rewarded by a visit to the renowned daily fish market at Vieux Port. Bouillabaisse, the famous fish stew, is a must taste in Marseille. Follow this up with an after lunch game of Petanque with the locals!

The influences of Marseille’s neighbour, North Africa, can be felt in the Algerian, souk-like bazaars. Full of colour, smells and sights to enthral the senses, Marseille is the perfect weekend destination.

Enjoy the charming old streets, delectable French cuisine and balmy Mediterranean sunshine of this vibrant French seaside city.


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