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You will find below information about airports around the world. Click on the links below to read detailed information about airports around the world: locations, routes, live departures and arrivals etc.

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All airports



All airports

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Saarbruecken airportSevero-Evensk airport
Saba Island airportSeville airport
Sabzevar airportSfax El Maou airport
Sachigo Lake airportShageluk airport
Sachs Harbour airportShahre-Kord airport
Sacramento International airportShahroud airport
Sacramento Stockton airportShakhtyorsk airport
Saga airportShaktoolik airport
Saibai Island airportShanghai Hongqiao airport
Saidpur airportShanghai Pu Dong airport
Saidu Sharif airportShannon airport
Saint George airportShantou airport
Saint John airportSharana Airstrip airport
Saint John's airportSharjah airport
Saint Marys airportSharm El Sheikh airport
Saint Paul Island airportSharurah airport
Saint Thomas Cyril E King airportSheldon Point airport
Saint-Denis airportShenyang airport
Sainte Marie airportShenzhen Bao'an International airport
Saint-Pierre airportSheridan airport
Saipan airportShigatse Peace Airport airport
Sakon Nakhon airportShijiazhuang airport
Sal airportShillong airport
Salalah airportShimkent airport
Salamanca Matacan airportShiquanhe airport
Salehard airportShirahama airport
Salem (United States) airportShiraz airport
Salina (United States) airportShishmaref airport
Salinas (Ecuador) airportShizuoka airport
Salisbury-Ocean City airportShonai airport
Salluit airportShow Low airport
Salt Cay airportShreveport Regional airport
Salt Lake City airportShungnak airport
Salta airportSialkot airport
Saltillo airportSiargao Island airport
Salvador airportSibiu airport
Salzburg airportSibu airport
Sam Neua airportSidney (United States) airport
Samana airportSiem Reap airport
Samara airportSihanoukville airport
Samarai Island airportSiirt airport
Samarinda airportSilao airport
Samarkand airportSilchar airport
Sambava airportSilver City airport
Sambu airportSimao airport
Samburu airportSimara airport
Samos airportSimferopol airport
Sampit airportSinabang airport
Samsun Carsamba airportSingapore Changi airport
San Andres Island airportSingkep airport
San Andros airportSinop airport
San Angelo Mathis Fld airportSinop Airport airport
San Antonio airportSintang airport
San Antonio International airportSion airport
San Carlos DeBariloche airportSioux City airport
San Cristobal (Ecuador) airportSioux Falls airport
San Diego Carlsbad airportSioux Lookout airport
San Diego International airportSir Bani Yas Island airport
San Diego Montgomery Field airportSirjan airport
San Domino Island airportSirnak airport
San Felipe (Mexico) airportSishen airport
San Fernando De Apure airportSisimiut airport
San Francisco International airportSitia airport
San Ignacio Cayo airportSitka airport
San Jorge Island airportSittwe airport
San Jose (Mindoro) airportSivas airport
San Jose Cabo airportSkagway airport
San Jose Del Gua airportSkardu airport
San Jose Island airportSkelleftea airport
San Jose Juan Santamaria airportSkiathos Island National airport
San Jose Municipal airportSkien Geiterygen airport
San Jose Tobias Bolanos airportSkiros airport
San Juan (Argentina) airportSkopje airport
San Juan Isla Grande airportSkukuza airport
San Juan Luis Munoz Marin airportSleetmute airport
San Julian (Argentina) airportSmithers airport
San Luis airportSnake Bay airport
San Luis Obispo County airportSnare Lake airport
San Luis Potosi airportSochi airport
San Martin DeLos Andes airportSocotra airport
San Pedro (Ivory Coast) airportSoekarno-Hatta airport
San Pedro (Belize) airportSofia airport
San Pedro Sula airportSogndal Haukasen airport
San Rafael airportSohag airport
San Salvador (El Salvador) airportSokoto airport
San Salvador (Bahamas) airportSola airport
San Sebastian Fuenteraba airportSolo / Surakarta airport
San Tome airportSolovetsky airport
San Vicente airportSolwezi airport
Sana'a airportSong Pan airport
Sanandaj airportSongea airport
Sand Point airportSopu airport
Sandakan airportSorkjosen airport
Sandane airportSorong airport
Sanday airportSorvagur airport
Sandnessjoen airportSouth Andros airport
Sandspit airportSouth Bend airport
Sandy Lake airportSouth Caicos airport
Sanggata airportSouth Naknek airport
Sangir Talaud (Melonguane) airportSouth West Bay airport
Sanikiluaq airportSouthampton airport
Sanliurfa Guney Anadoulu Projesi airportSovetsky airport
Santa Ana (Solomon Islands) airportSplit airport
Santa Ana (Bolivia) airportSpokane International airport
Santa Ana John Wayne airportSpring Point airport
Santa Barbara Municipal airportSpringfield (United States) airport
Santa Clara airportSpringfield-Branson Rg airport
Santa Cruz El Trompillo airportSrednekolymsk airport
Santa Cruz Is airportSrinagar airport
Santa Cruz Viru Viru airportSt Anthony airport
Santa Elena airportSt Augustine airport
Santa Fe (United States) airportSt Barthelemy airport
Santa Fe (Argentina) airportSt Cloud airport
Santa Maria (Brazil) airportSt Croix Island SPB airport
Santa Maria (Portugal) airportSt Etienne airport
Santa Maria (United States) airportSt Eustatius airport
Santa Marta airportSt Gallen Altenrhein airport
Santa Rosa (United States) airportSt George airport
Santa Rosa (Argentina) airportSt George Island airport
Santa Rosa (Ecuador) airportSt John's airport
Santander airportSt Louis (United States) airport
Santarem airportSt Louis Bi-State Parks airport
Santiago (Dominican Republic) airportSt Lucia Hewanorra airport
Santiago (Cuba) airportSt Lucia Vigie airport
Santiago Arturo Merino Benitez airportSt Maarten airport
Santiago de Compostela airportSt Martin Esperance airport
Santiago Del Estero airportSt Michael airport
Santo Angelo airportSt Petersburg Pulkovo airport
Santo Domingo airportSt Pierre airport
Santo Domingo Las Americas airportSt. George airport
Santorini (Thira) airportSt. Nazaire Montoir airport
Sanya airportStanley airport
Sao Filipe airportState College airport
Sao Gabriel airportStaunton airport
Sao Jose Do Rio Preto airportStavanger airport
Sao Luiz airportStavropol airport
Sao Nicolau airportStebbins airport
Sao Paulo Congonhas airportStella Maris airport
Sao Paulo Guarulhos airportStephenville (Canada) airport
Sao Paulo Viracopos airportStevens Village airport
Sao Tome Is airportStockholm Arlanda airport
Sao Vicente airportStockholm Bromma airport
Sapporo Chitose airportStockholm Skavsta airport
Sapporo Okadama airportStockholm Vasteras airport
Saqqaq airportStokmarknes airport
Sara airportStony Rapids airport
Sarajevo International airportStony River airport
Saranac Lake airportStord airport
Saransk airportStornoway airport
Sarasota airportStrasbourg airport
Saratov airportStronsay airport
Saravena airportStrzhewoi airport
Sarnia airportStuart Island (Canada) airport
Sary airportStuttgart (Germany) airport
Saskatoon airportStuttgart (United States) airport
Satu Mare airportSuavanao airport
Saudarkrokur airportSucre airport
Sault Ste Marie airportSudbury airport
Sault Ste Marie Chippewa County airportSudjarwo Tjondronegoro airport
Saumlaki airportSue Island airport
Saurimo airportSukhothai airport
Savannah / Hilton Head airportSukkur airport
Savannakhet airportSulaymaniyah International airport
Savoonga airportSullivan Bay airport
Savusavu airportSumbawa airport
Sawu airportSumbawanga airport
Scammon Bay airportSumburgh Lerwick / Tingwall airport
Schefferville airportSumburgh Shetlands airport
Scottsbluff airportSun City airport
Seal Bay airportSundsvall Midlanda airport
Seattle / Tacoma International airportSunshine Coast airport
Seattle Boeing Fld airportSuntar airport
Seattle Lake Union SPB airportSunyani airport
Sebha airportSurabaya airport
Sechelt airportSurat airport
Sege airportSurat Thani airport
Seguela airportSurgut airport
Seinajoki Ilmajoki airportSurigao airport
Seiyun airportSuva airport
Selawik airportSveg airport
Seldovia airportSvolvaer airport
Semarang airportSydney airport
Semera airportSydney Kingsford Smith airport
Semipalatinsk airportSyktyvkar airport
Sendai airportSylhet airport
Seoul Gimpo airportSyracuse airport
Seoul Incheon Int'l airportSyros Island airport
Sept-Iles airportSzczecin Goleniow airport
Seronera airportSzeged airport
Setif airport