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Airports in the world

You will find below information about airports around the world. Click on the links below to read detailed information about airports around the world: locations, routes, live departures and arrivals etc.

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All airports



All airports

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Ba Tong airportBergerac airport
Babo airportBerlevag airport
Bacau International airportBerlin Schoenefeld airport
Bacolod-Silay airportBerlin Tegel airport
Badajoz Talaveral airportBern airport
Badu Island airportBethel airport
Bagdogra airportBettles airport
Baghdad International (Iraq) airportBeziers airport
Bagotville airportBhadrapur airport
Bahar Dar airportBhairawa airport
Bahawalpur airportBhamo airport
Bahia Blanca airportBharatpur airport
Bahia Pinas airportBhavnagar airport
Bahia Solano airportBhopal airport
Bahrain airportBhubaneswar airport
Baia Mare airportBhuj airport
Baie Comeau airportBiak airport
Baise airportBiarritz airport
Bakalalan airportBijie Feixiong airport
Baker Lake airportBilbao airport
Bakersfield airportBildudalur airport
Baku Heydar Aliyev International airportBillings airport
Balalae airportBillund airport
Balaton airportBiloela airport
Balboa airportBima airport
Baler airportBimini International airport
Bali (Denpasar) airportBinghamton airport
Balikpapan airportBingöl airport
Ballina airportBintulu (Malaysia) airport
Balmaceda airportBiratnagar airport
Baltimore Washington International airportBirch Creek airport
Bam airportBirdsville airport
Bamaga airportBirjand airport
Bamako airportBirmingham (United Kingdom) airport
Bamiyan airportBirmingham (United States) airport
Bancasi (Butuan) airportBisha airport
Banda Aceh airportBishkek airport
Bandar Abbas airportBiskra airport
Bandar Lampung airportBismarck airport
Bandar Lengeh airportBissau airport
Bandar Seri Begawan airportBlackall airport
Bandung airportBlackpool airport
Bangda airportBlagoveschensk airport
Banggai (Luwuk) airportBlanc Sablon airport
Bangkok Don Meung airportBlantyre airport
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airportBlenheim airport
Bangor airportBlock Island airport
Bangui airportBloemfontein airport
Banja Luka airportBloomfield airport
Banjarmasin airportBloomington airport
Banjul airportBloomington-Normal airport
Banmethuot airportBoa Vista (Brazil) airport
Baoshan airportBoa Vista (Cape Verde) airport
Baotou airportBobo Dioulasso airport
Bar Harbor airportBocas Del Toro airport
Baracoa airportBodaybo airport
Barcaldine airportBodo airport
Barcelona (Spain) airportBodrum airport
Barcelona (Venezuela) airportBogota airport
Bardufoss airportBoigu Island airport
Bari airportBoise airport
Barinas airportBojnord airport
Bario airportBol (Croatia) airport
Barnaul airportBole Alashankou airport
Barquisimeto airportBologna International airport
Barra (United Kingdom) airportBolzano airport
Barrancabermeja airportBonaire airport
Barranquilla airportBonaventure airport
Barreiras airportBonito airport
Barrow Wiley Post / W.Rogers M airportBora Bora airport
Barter Island airportBordeaux airport
Barth airportBordj Badji Mokhtar airport
Basco airportBorlange Dala airport
Basel Mulhouse Freiburg airportBossaso airport
Basra airportBoston Logan International airport
Basseterre airportBouake airport
Bastia - Corsica airportBoulder City airport
Batagay Airport airportBoulia airport
Batam airportBoulsa airport
Bathurst (Australia) airportBourgas (Bulgaria) airport
Bathurst (Canada) airportBournemouth airport
Bathurst Island airportBozeman airport
Batman airportBradford (United States) airport
Batna airportBrainerd airport
Baton Rouge Ryan airportBrandon (Canada) airport
Batsfjord airportBrasilia airport
Batticaloa airportBratislava airport
Batumi airportBratsk airport
Baubau airportBrazzaville airport
Bauchi airportBremen airport
Bauru-Arealva airportBrest (Belarus) airport
Bayankhongor airportBrest (France) airport
Beatrice airportBriansk airport
Beaumont Jefferson County airportBridgetown airport
Beaver airportBrindisi airport
Bechar airportBrisbane airport
Beckley airportBristol airport
Bedourie airportBrive Vallée de la Dordogne airport
Bedwell Harbor airportBrno-Turany airport
Beef Island airportBroken Hill airport
Beihai airportBronnoysund Bronnoy airport
Beijing Capital airportBroome airport
Beijing Nanyuan airportBrownsville airport
Beira airportBrunswick Glynco Jetport airport
Beirut airportBrussels International airport
Bejaia airportBrussels S. Charleroi airport
Belaya Gora Airport airportBucaramanga airport
Belem airportBucharest Baneasa airport
Belep Island airportBucharest Otopeni airport
Belfast City airportBuckland airport
Belfast International airportBudapest airport
Belgaum airportBuenaventura airport
Belgorod airportBuenos Aires Arpt. Jorge Newbery airport
Belgrade Nikola Tesla airportBuenos Aires Ministro Pistarini airport
Belitung (Tanjung Pandan) airportBuffalo Niagara airport
Belize City Municipal airportBugulma airport
Belize City Philip S.W.Goldson Int airportBujumbura airport
Bella Bella airportBuka airport
Bella Coola airportBukhara airport
Belleville airportBukoba airport
Bellingham airportBulawayo airport
Bellona airportBull Harbour airport
Belmopan airportBundaberg airport
Belo Horizonte Pampulha airportBuol airport
Belo Horizonte Tancredo Neves Int'l. airportBurbank airport
Beloyarsky airportBurgos airport
Bemidji airportBuri Ram airport
Ben Bella Airport airportBurketown airport
Ben Gurion Intl airportBurlington (United States) airport
Benbecula airportBurlington (United States) airport
Bengaluru airportBurnie airport
Benghazi airportBursa (Turkey) airport
Bengkulu airportBursa (Turkey) airport
Benin City airportBusan airport
Bentota River airportBushehr airport
Berau airportBusselton airport
Berbera airportBusuanga airport
Berens River airportButte airport
Bergen airportBydgoszcz airport