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In 1947, twenty-four individual car hire providers decide to join forces and combine their vehicles and their office locations to create National Car Rental. This merger would see their company go on to become a world leader in the car hire business, with a reputation for outstanding personal service. National Rent a Car were one of the first in the business to come up with the idea of the 'one-way' hire service; giving customers the opportunity to hire a car from any National Car Rental location and drop in off at an alternative one of their convenience; meaning much more flexibility for the holidaymaker and a whole new market for National Car Rental - the one way traveller!

They were also among the most tech savvy of the car hire companies at that time, being one of the first to employ the use of computers in their everyday operations. While National Car Rental was hugely popular with holidaymakers, the business traveller also quickly cottoned on to the merits of National Car Rental and the company moved into the corporate sector with ease.

Inspired perhaps by the fabled Emerald City, National Car Rental's 'Emerald Club' and 'Emerald Aisle' offered returning customers a computer-based re-booking service without paperwork and the option for them to select their vehicle of choice. This would ensure that anyone in a hurry could book a car with ease and avoid standing in queues at the rental desks. There were also VIP memberships where points could be accrued and claimed back as 'free-hire' days. This led to the 'Quick Rent' scheme that gave even those without Emerald Membership the chance to benefit from a speedier service.

The Taylor family, who are the founders of 'Enterprise Holdings', seized the opportunity to get heir hands on such an established and profitable business and took over National Car Rental in 2007, adding it to their ever-growing list of acquired car hire firms!