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New kid on the block, Green Motion, is rapidly becoming a UK leading car hire company built on a reputation for friendly, local customer service, not to mention some very green credentials (hence the name!). Green Motion bill themselves as a 'low cost, low CO2' car and van hire company, which will appeal to the environmentally conscious business and leisure traveller, as well as anyone looking for a bargain.

However, this young company is not merely concerned with fuel emissions. Green Motion aspires to be eco-friendly in all aspects of their business, realising that the day to day running of a car hire company can make a large environmental impact. They apply eco-principles to every aspect of their business from their stationery to their cleaning products and light bulbs. Green Motion aims to prevent their operations from polluting land, air or water, producing too much waste product or overusing water and energy.

Reducing the impact of CO2 emissions is a key aspect of Green Motion's ethos, meaning customers get the chance to offset their carbon emission while making it economically affordable in terms of fuel. Currently, Green Motion offer car and van hire services throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, focusing on many of the major airports including London Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Luton and City and also Birmingham, East Midlands, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast International airports.

It isn't just airports where Green Motion are spreading their green roots but train stations too. Currently they operate from Central London, East London, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Leicester, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Reigate, Birmingham and Bolton.

By being a UK based firm rather than a vast international one, Green Motion believes they are able to offer a much more personalised and efficient service to their customers. Anyone reading the customer reviews on their website will certainly find testimony to this. They are positively glowing!