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Alamo Rent a Car is so named not for its location, nor after the 1960 American historical blockbuster about the 1836 Battle of the Alamo directed by John Wayne, but for the simple fact that its creators wanted it to be the first car hire company that people came across in the phone book!

Owned by Enterprise Holdings, the largest car hire company in the USA, Alamo have branches all over the US as well as Europe, Africa and Australia; Alamo has earned its stripes thanks to its clever 'Unlimited Mileage Scheme'. This means that anyone hiring a car can drive any distance without occurring additional charges which is often the case with rival firms. Great news for those who love long American road-trips!

Starting out in 1974, Alamo knew the draw of clocking up unlimited miles at no extra cost would be a huge draw to thousands of American holidaymakers and visitors to the States, who quickly made Alamo the country's most popular holiday car hire provider. Alamo rewarded their customers with 'Instant Alamo Rent a Car', online internet booking and travel tools that offer weather updates, driving directions and even ideas for kids games to play while on the road!

Alamo also innovatively pioneered the hire car industry's first self-service booking system with over 170 'book-it-yourself' booths located all over America. This, combined with their slick, modern and roomy 'rental plazas' was such a winning formula that Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts made Alamo their official 'go-to' hire car company, earning them an even larger customer base.