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Jet2 is a British budget airline, known for serving the North of England and Scotland. The airline has bases in smaller airports such as Blackpool, East Midlands, and Leeds/Bradford as well as a large base in Alicante in Spain. Recently Jet2 have been experimenting with international routes, offering winter flights to Newark in the USA from a number of Northern airports.

Why fly with Jet2

How to Check-in

Online check in is available from 28 days before your flight up until 5 hours before departure. If you can’t print the boarding card out yourself, you will be charged an admin fee of £17.50 to have it printed out at the airport check in desk. Check in at the airport costs £17.50. The check in desks open two to four hours before departure, and closes 40 minutes before. Jet2 require passengers travelling with infants to check in at the airport, but they waive the admin fee in this case.

Baggage Allowances and Fees

Passengers are allowed to bring one piece of baggage into the cabin with them. It must weigh less than 10kg and measure no more than 56cmx45cmx25cm, including wheels and handles. Any bags that don’t comply with these guidelines will be put in the hold and charged as checked baggage. There’s no free baggage allowance, but the fee to bring luggage is fairly small. If you book your bag into the hold at the airport it costs £40, but if you book online prices start at £8. Each passenger can pay for up to three hold bags, each with a 22kg weight limit. You can split the weight over the bags, but no bag is allowed to weigh more than 32kg.


Seats are allocated automatically before you check in. You can pay to choose your own seat, and prices start at £4 for a standard one. Legroom is the same as most other airlines, at 30”. Seats with extra legroom in the emergency exit rows start at £12.50.

Booking Fees

If you pay by credit card, you will incur a charge of 2.5% of the transaction total, and if you pay by Paypal you will be charged 2% of the transaction total. Avoid charges by paying with debit card.