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British Midland Airways (BMI), is based in Donington Hall in Castel Donington, in the UK and close to East Midlands airport. BMI is a fully owned subsidiary of Lufthansa and is the second largest airline at London Heathrow. From the Heathrow hub, they fly to the rest of the UK, to Europe, Middle East, Africa and Central Asia, operating over 2,000 flights per week.

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How to Check In

Online Check-in is available from 24 hours up to 30 minutes before scheduled departure. You can even complete the check-in process from your mobile phone. There are self-check-in machines available in most UK airports. Customers travelling in economy short-haul routes will be required to use the online or self-service methods of checking-in where available. Airport check-in desks open at least 2 hours prior to departure and close 30 minutes before the flight departs for short haul flights and 60 minutes for economy customers for mid to long haul flights.

Baggage Allowance and Fees

As with all airlines, there are restrictions when it comes to how much baggage you are allowed to check-in or take on board the flight. Always check with the airline before you travel. For up to date information on baggage allowance and charges, go to the bmi website.

Onboard BMI

Depending on whether you are flying economy or Business class, short haul or long haul, you will receive a free in-flight meal of some description. Breakfast wraps are the norm on short haul economy while a full-breakfast is more like it in Business class. Long haul routes offer passengers a menu with a choice of entrée as well as a main and a drink. In Business class you will be greeted with a glass of bubbly before choosing your starter main and dessert. There are plenty of duty free items to be purchased on board while the in-flight movies, TV programmes and computer games should keep passengers entertained for the duration of their flight. The in-flight magazine, Voyager, is also on hand.